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Here you can see some of our talented Entrepreneurs

Malick Birane

Senegal winner of the 2017 Suguba Prize

Malick is the founder and CEO of Ayiwajieune.com, the first online platform that allows customers to buy fresh fish online in Senegal. Aywajieune.com allows sellers and fishermen to reduce waste and increase revenues (by up to 25%) and saves customers the time and hassle needed to obtain fresh fish.

Plans for 2018
- Deepen presence in Dakar and expand to other regions (Mbour & Ziguinchor)
- Logistics enhancement & Team expansion
- Integration of a new product range: dried products
- Regional expansion (Mali, Cote d'Ivoire & Burkina Faso)

Sausthène Guy Ehui

Cote d'Ivoire winner of the 2017 Suguba Prize

Sausthène Guy is the co-founder of ICT4DEV and Virtual market, an online marketplace that connects agricultural produce buyers and sellers. They are operational in 5 cities in Cote d’Ivoire (Abidjan, Daloa, Korhogo, Man & San Pedro).

Plans for 2018
- Launch the Virtual Market call center to allow illiterate populations to also access the solution
- Grow partnerships with mobile operators to extend the reach of the Virtual Market
- Launch SOS Agronome en Ligne, a platform to connect providers and suppliers of agricultural services in Cote d’Ivoire to increase employment in the agricultural sector

By focusing programs on youth and women, Suguba helps Francophone Africa capitalize on its demographic transition.