Simple Solutions for
Complex Connections.

Our Approach

We are fostering regional integration, regional trade and unleashing entrepreneurial talent across West Africa. Our team will work with local hubs in Mali, Senegal and Cote d’Ivoire to launch innovative regional programs that will connect entrepreneurs and enable them to create integrated value chains. We will also work to diversify income streams so that the hubs become financially self-sustainable.

Suguba promotes regional trade and facilitates regional integration through its network of hubs.

  • Content: Design regional content - Facilitate the development of programs that can be sold and coordinated regionally, executed locally, and that demonstrate the value of regional integration and regional trade in West Africa.
  • Capacity: Bridging local capacity gaps - Understand the main gaps and challenges of the teams and identify internal and external players that can help to facilitate shared solutions. We have identified the main capacity needs of Entrepreneurship Hubs in the region - there are commonalities in the areas requiring capacity support including strengthening business development skills, community building and retention, space design and effective internal administration. We do realize that every team and context is unique and the combination of challenges in each location varies.