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The Challenges

In 2016, out of $317M of VC funding raised by African tech start-ups, only 10% went to Francophone African start-ups.

In 2015, only 15% of ECOWAS exports went to other ECOWAS countries and only 6% to the rest of Africa.

Young African start-ups are often unable to access good quality and affordable office space and the necessary support services to locate and launch their innovative ventures.

The Solutions

Suguba focuses on identifying and working with promising African entrepreneurs to prepare them to raise financing for rapid growth and expansion. We offer innovative and comprehensive incubation and acceleration programs that are targeted to our local realities through our partner network of hubs (Impact Hub Bamako, Impact Dakar and Impact Abidjan).

We enable start-ups to network with each other both domestically and regionally to build winning partnerships to fuel their regional expansion through programs, events and conferences.

We offer well-equipped yet affordable co-working space in the heart of the city. We believe that co-working enables start-ups to collaborate, identify partners and exchange ideas during the formative part of their journey.

SMEs and investors can choose to locate their private offices in the hubs to enjoy prime real-estate and a proximity to the ecosystem.

Suguba promotes regional trade and facilitate regional integration through its network of hubs.