SuguLab "Closing the Gap"

More money than ever is flowing into impact investing, yet many entrepreneurs creating companies that serve the poor still find it difficult to raise capital and to reach specific operational objectives. Suguba is closing this gap with SuguLab.

SuguLab is a complementary service that will be offered to start-ups and SMEs operating in Mali, Cote d’Ivoire and Sénégal, with founders aged 40 and below, that are confronted to a specific challenge. SuguLab will assist companies that are legally registered, that have a minimum of 2 years of existence and that have an innovative business model with strong job creation potential or that aims to provide a solution for the poor. Whether you are trying to raise financing, to identify potential investors, to expand to a new market or to refine your sales & marketing strategy, SuguLab is the answer for you.

Through SuguLab, one of the Suguba co-founders will work with you to assist you to reach your objective over up to 6 months. We will use our deep investor network, our strategy and our general management experience to enable you to accelerate your performance. Once we receive your specific goal and gather initial information about your company, we will develop a targeted and personalized program for you. We will be available to interact regularly in person (or on skype or googlehangouts) to follow up on the plan we will have developed and check on progress. The collaboration will end once the milestone has been reached.

Please email us at in case of interest in SuguLab.

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